Feather and Springs

Case Study

Feather and Springs is a local luxury bed company that manufacture in Morecambe and have a dedicated showroom in Kendal, Cumbria. 

As a small family run company, Feather and Springs take a huge amount of pride in each and every mattress they manufacture and are sure to make each one exactly the way their customer needs it. Along with matresses, they manufacture bed linen, headboards and bedding accessories too. 

The Brief

Feather and Springs were already in a good position with their online presense when they started working with VisuWolf; they had recently had the brand created, a full website designed and a portfolio of photography already in place. As such, there wasn’t a huge amount of work to be done in these aspects and so VisuWolf were tasked with the management of the day to day side of marketing Feather and Springs digitally. Social media profiles were already in place, so it was now about maximising the amount of interactions they have with their customers through facebook, twitter and instagram., 

Services Provided

Social Media

Regular posting and management of all social media platforms


Product Photography Portfolio Managed and Continually Updated


Management of Search Engine Optomisation and Google AdWords


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